Possible Errors in endpoints swagger


I was doing some work using the endpoints API (http://docs.icgc.org/portal/api-endpoints) and the swagger file seems to have some issues. after some validation, I landed on:

Validation failed. /paths/v1/settings/tokens/post has body parameters and formData parameters. Only one or the other is allowed.

and a couple of naming conflicts.

Can the file be corrected, or where is the authoritative behavior the file should describe?


Sorry, I don’t think /paths/v1/settings/tokens/post is a valid endpoint. Only the following are valid:


Thanks. When I remove the post block, it looks to validate (course check).

What are you trying to do exactly?

I am generating a flask blueprint of the endpoint api from the swagger definition. In theory this could be used for testing of non-portal uses of the endpoint api or for implementing alternative backends.