Invalid Analysis c1760c15-def7-4d06-9bdf-739f37b982a2

On our mirror site, if we click on demo link on “Data Analysis” page, we got the following message:

Analysis c1760c15-def7-4d06-9bdf-739f37b982a2 cannot be found on the server. It may no longer be valid with respect to current portal data.

It appears that the code is using wrong id for query. We still has issue with authentication with CUD, I am not sure if it is related.

Are you using Postgres? If not, then the database is recreated each reboot of the API

We have postgres server set up. However, I don’t see postgres server is referred anywhere in application.yml. So I don’t think we are using postgres server.

We are using two portal servers. If we don’t use Postgres, do they sync there database contents? If not, the two servers will be out of sync. Could that result in this issue?

I shut down one portal server, and restart varnish server. It appears that the erichment analysis is stuck (an icon just keeping spinning). From portal log, it seems that portal server has completed analysis. Somehow it is not displayed.

Our mirror site is now up at You can see the problem at the site.

Hi Brady,

You are right, I just took a peak at the Ansible roles, and it looks like the portal is configured to use the in-memory H2 database.

The section in the config should look more something like this:

# Datasource
  driver-class-name: org.postgresql.Driver
  url: jdbc:postgresql://<postgres_host>/dcc_portal

Hi Dusan,

Besides add hostname and username/password, do I need to create database manually on postgres server before portal server can use it?

You will need to create the database with the following schema:

Hi, i took over the job from Brady.

After manually create database using codes below, i still get this problem

-- CREATE DATABASE dcc_portal;
-- GRANT SELECT, INSERT ON user_gene_set TO dcc;

Error information:

Internal Server Error. There was an error processing your request, with the message of ‘org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column “version” of relation “oncogrid_analysis” does not exist Position: 42 [statement:“INSERT INTO oncogrid_analysis (id, data, version) VALUES (:id, :data, :version)”, located:“INSERT INTO oncogrid_analysis (id, data, version) VALUES (:id, :data, :version)”, rewritten:“INSERT INTO oncogrid_analysis (id, data, version) VALUES (?, ?, ?)”, arguments:{ positional:{}, named:{data:’{“id”:“4565ed82-69f4-4f58-9da9-aed794e30bbd”,“geneSet”:“3b5183c6-1220-4f2f-8b73-8f31882de599”,“geneCount”:75,“geneSetName”:“Top 75 CGC Genes for Liver”,“donorSet”:“9b9e1f4b-4539-4ecd-ae73-620894028817”,“donorCount”:75,“donorSetName”:“Top 75 PCAWG Liver Donors”,“version”:1,“state”:“FINISHED”,“timestamp”:1478504901567}’,id:4565ed82-69f4-4f58-9da9-aed794e30bbd,version:2}, finder:[]}]’. It has been logged (ID 3c12011a62fe574e).

Our mirror site is

Could you please help us?

Hi Felix,

Looks like there was a missing column in our schema.sql file.

We have pushed a fix.

Hi andricDu,

Thanks for you reply.

After rebuilt table union_analysis, i still got some errors.

dcc-portal=# \d union_analysis;
 Table "public.union_analysis"
 Column  |  Type   | Modifiers 
 id      | uuid    | not null
 version | integer | 
 data    | text    | not null
    "union_analysis_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id)

Error information:

Internal Server Error. There was an error processing your request, with the 
message of 'org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: terminating 
connection due to administrator command [statement:"INSERT INTO 
entity_set (id, data, version) VALUES (:id, :data, :version)", 
located:"INSERT INTO entity_set (id, data, version) VALUES (:id, :data, 
:version)", rewritten:"INSERT INTO entity_set (id, data, version) VALUES
 (?, ?, ?)", arguments:{ positional:{}, 
 75 CGC Genes for 
 finder:[]}]'. It has been logged (ID 652e7e7083536abe).

Still looks like a permissions issue. Did you apply the same grants to all tables?

Yes, it is permission issue.

I rebuilt postgresql database, and got no such errors