How to import release information from release.tar

I just set up mirror site. However, on “Data Release” page, instead of displaying a list of releases, itt displays the following message:

DCC Data Releases section is currently unavailable due to maintenance.
Please contact support if you require assistance.

I am wondering where those information are from. Based on code (, release information is also from elasticsearch.

I have loaded part of release.tar with command:

 java -jar dcc-download-import.jar -i release.tar -es es://lxv-icgc-elastic01:9300 -p LAML-CN

I untared release.tar, and see a file icgc22-13_release.tar.gz. I guess this file contains release information. If I import the whole thing, I may be able to have this information. Unfortunately, importing the whole index is still not quite working yet. So I would like to just import the release data.

Anyone know how to import the release data without importing the whole thing? I tried command:

java -jar dcc-download-import.jar -i release.tar -es es://lxv-icgc-elastic01:9300 -p release

This command failed. Maybe there is no way to do this, but I just want someone can confirm it.


Hi @brady, did you ever figure this out?


I didn’t figure this out, but don’t think we need to import release data separately. Earlier I couldn’t import whole data set, that is why I asked whether we can import release data separately. Now we have figured out how to import the whole release.tar.


@vitalii Is working on updates to how we import the repository tar ball. This should be available within the next day or so.