No normal files for BTCA-JP

Hi everyone,
I want to download the data(unaligned reads) of BTCA-JP. There are about 20000 FASTQ files from 230 donors. However, I found that the specimen type of all files is Primary tumor - solid tissue, which means there is no sequencing data from matched normal tissue / blood. With only the sequencing data of tumor, I can do nothing…(e.g. identify somatic SNV, somatic CNV,).
So I want to know the reason for lacking data from normal tissue. Does ICGC have these data but I have not found them?


Hi Yang,

The ICGC has encountered the same issue you are describing. The BTCA-JP project has only made available raw sequencing data at EGA for tumour samples. We are currently following up with the BTCA-JP project to find out the status of their sequencing data for normal samples, so we will get back to you soon. There are indeed a very high number of FASTQ files for each donor, so this is not an error but rather just the way the project sequenced their data. In the meantime, I will let you know as soon as I hear back from the BTCA-JP project about sequencing data for their normal samples.


Hi Hardeep,
Thanks for your prompt reply! Looking forward to hear from you soon!


Hi all,

Are there any news on this? I checked and now it seems to me as if the BTCA-JP project does not allow any downloads.


Hi @famke.baeuerle,

BTCA-JP’s data can be found at Whole exome and transcriptome sequencing of biliary tract cancer - EGA European Genome-Phenome Archive.

Regarding BTCA-JP’s normal samples, there are no further developments on this matter.

I suggest contacting the program directly. The program’s point of contact can be found via and clicking the hyperlink next to “name”, and under “principal investigators”.

They did not provide an email, so you’ll have to search around based on the PI’s name.

Additionally, this forum is no longer monitored/maintained. Please reach out through our helpdesk Thank you


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