Is ICGC AWS-Virgnia repo down?


I a, getting the following error while trying to download some files from aws-virginia, before I’ve been able to download files without any problems. Do you know what’s happening? Thanks


ubuntu:~/icgc$ sudo ./icgc-get download FI677982

Starting download(s) for files: FI677982 from: aws-virginia

| nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout
| Starting…
| Running…
| Validating repository connection…
| ERROR: Command error: Amazon S3 error: FORBIDDEN: If you are trying to connect to the AWS S3 Repository, you need to be running ths ICGC client on an EC2 VM instance<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
| AccessDeniedAccess DeniedDC70E0295FDC5D9BWJwkdddz/wjgX0vJxhqDOnQYp/BUqOTaWnxiUkYCnP0cfnkxq8ysmaHYcedqF5i+8lkaZla4FQA=
| Please check the log for detailed error messages
aws-virginia client exited with a nonzero error code 1.
Error: Please check client output for error messages

Seems to be working normal now