Downloading large data problem

I am trying to download methylation data for the LGG-US dataset
(“meth_array.LGG-US.tsv.gz” file on

The download is stopped when the file reaches almost 2GB.

I tried at my local PC (window 10) and Linux using the wget and curl.
Even I tried to restart the download using the wget -c It’s not working.
When I tried wget -C on my command line, It restart from the beginning and stop again.

I’ve downloaded files larger than 2GB many times on other websites (such as GTEx).

Do you have any idea about this problem?


I also have been experiencing the same problem for a couple of days. It stops suddenly at the moment 2GB is downloaded. I started another download at the same time. While the one reached 2GB doesn’t continue (0 Mbps), the other one downloads (3.5Mbps) data from the same server.

Please help.

Here there is the screenshot: